Fleshlight Vibro Touch

fleshlight vibro

The Fleshlight Vibro Touch is the new generation sleeve designed to provide completely new sensations. Touch texture was designed to trasfer effectively the vibrations to each of the pleasure fingers located through the whole length of the sleeve. It is available in two different tyles of entries – Pink Lady and Pink Butt. Inside the Fleshlight Vibro edition you will find three vibrating bullets than can be inserted into the special bullet pockets on the back face of the fleshlight masturbation sleeve. You can place up to three bullets at one tima for the desired level of stimulation. With every Fleshlight Vibro set you will an additional battery pack which extends use up to 13 hours and sample of pillow lube.

butt touch fleshlight vibro lady touch fleshlight vibro
Vibro Pink Butt – Touch
Vibro Pink Lady – Touch