Fleshlight Vibro Cyclone

fleshlight vibro

Fleshlight Vibro Cyclone is the latest fleshlight generation. It contains the spiraling rings all over the sleeve length. This is the next sleeve (besides static Twista) that has got the variable diameter – it gets tighter when the deeper you thrust. Cyclone provides very powerful vibrations and the most intensive texture. I think that this sleeve can give the highest intense level of sensation. Cyclone experience more intensely pleasurable than even the real thing. Cyclone comes in two entries Pink Butt and Pink Lady. Cyclone is the connection most intensive texture and very powerful vibrations. I think that this sleeve can give the highest level of sensation. The Fleshlight Vibro Cyclone comes with 3 vibrating bullets. Each of them can be put inside the special bullet holsters. They are located on the back face of the cyclone sleeve. You can place up to three bullets maximum into the sleeve to achieve the highest amount of stimulation. Fleshlight Vibro comes with an additional battery pack and pillow-pack sample lube, for your convenience.

cyclone fleshlight vibro lady cyclone fleshlight vibro butt
Vibro Pink Lady – Cyclone
Vibro Pink Butt – Cyclone