Fleshlight Vibro Original

fleshlight vibro

Fleshlight.com has recently released the newest addition to the fleshlight sex toys family – The Fleshlight Vibro™. It is a new concept in a fleshlight way of creating pleasure. Till now all the fleshlights were static, now with the next generation sleeve’s design they are vibrating. That’s because the new sleeves edition has got an extra pockets to insert special vibrating bullets. With every set of Fleshlight Vibro™ there are three vibrating bullets – you can have the highest intensity of vibration by putting all of them inside the special pockets in the face back of the sleeve. If you want to have very delicate stimulation all you need to do is put only one vibrating stick. So, you decides how intense your masturbation session will be. You can choose between 3 textures : the well known “Original” and two brand new sleeves “Cyclone” and “Touch”. Original Fleshlight Sleeve is the most popular fleshlight with over two million items sold, which was exclusively modified to provide the vibrating stimulation. Smooth and ultra soft canal of Original Fleshlight really provides powerful vibrations, intensity and comfort. All the Fleshlight Vibro sleeves are produced from has patented Real Feel Superskin known from Fleshlight Masturbation Sleeves. To every Vibro order, ILF, the producer of fleshlight, will give you a sample lube Pillow-Pack to try how important the good lube is. To every Fleshlight Vibro™ package you will get an extra additional battery pack with 10 batteries, it can extends use up to 13 hours.

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